Wheel Cylinders and Brakes Pumps Made in Italy: quality and safety

The automotive industry represents a large employer in Italy: with over 200,000 laborers employed, the Italian automotive industry is growing, in particular, in the brakes market.

The Italian brakes market, which includes brake pumps and master cylinder construction, but also the worldwide automotive brake system industry have recently showed a rapid technological innovation: the brake-by-wire systems, for example, is a new and alternative system to the traditional hydraulic systems; the electro mechanical brake system is a solution that maybe will replace the older brake system: the aim is a safer control on your vehicles.

Golinelli Loris, an Italian company specialized in wheel cylinders construction, manufactures and sells wheel cylinders, brake pumps and calipers for many sectors of the automotive industry: cars and vintage cars, trucks, jeeps and forklifts. This company, which also provides parts and components for agricultural and construction machinery, produces corrosion resistant, long lasting an easy to assemble brake parts, using materials like steel, iron, bronze, aluminum, rubber and plastic: a made in Italy brake system ensures an excellent stopping power in everyday traffic and a higher safety in the construction industry.


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